Pide Restaurant

Hello guys, our next stop is “pide” which means pita. We wanted to eat pita so badly and checked out foursquare to find a place to eat pita. We were so lucky to find a place like this.

It was a little & cute place and we prefer to sit outside on these last days of summer. There were many options of pita and we just wanted to eat minced meat pita.

Pide Restaurant

Pita was suprisingly perfect! We didn’t expect that taste because we just found this place randomly without any recommendation. 

Workers were also very nice and we are very curious about the other types of pita. We will come back here again to taste others like; artichoke pita, mushroom pita, ottoman pita, tomato paste pita, hot dog pita, shrimp pita, tuna pita etc. Well the restaurant’s name means pita and they are just doing one type of food and they are the experts!

You could see the menu here to see types and prices.

At last, if you are around the Nişantaşı, you must taste their pitas. That’s all we can say about the ‘Pide’, their speciality is pita.


Against the Armani, near the PTT in Nişantaşı. If you just want to go there to taste pitas, you could use the subway and get off at the Osmanbey station.

Phone: (212) 224 01 84 - (212) 224 76 32