Trattoria Serenzo

Hi guys! Do you wanna try seafood? If so, let’s come with us, we found a great italian restaurant to taste seafood! At first, we learned that a trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment and the business owner is also the chef with an amateur spirit in that boutique restaurant. Enzo Prandino is one of the newest trattoria owner in turkey which is not so common.

Trattoria Serenzo has rustic and familiar style and all the stuff were very welcoming. Weather was great so we wanted to sit outside.

We ordered Frutti Di Mare Plate including; crayfish with special serenzo sauce, shrimp, calamari, clams and small mussels bavette. It was quiet delicious and spaghetti was also tasty. 

We guess that spaghetti was cooked in fish water and it was in great harmony with seafoods.

This meal was awesome and it was also great with our beers. After that we wanted to try italian dessert which is tiramisu in Serenzo.

We tasted tiramisu with cacao and lemon. Desserts were also tasty and specially we love limoncello tiramisu!

End of the day, we were so happy to find such a great place like this. We extremely suggest you to try Trattoria Serenzo if you like seafood. We are gonna come back again to try scallop, Buffalo mozzarella, Risotto and other delicious food.

  • Awesome tastes
  • Polite and nice workers
  • Reasonable Prices


Vefabey Street, Say Apt. Number 25, Gayrettepe.

Phone: (212) 274 44 10