Ceviz Ağacı Pasta & Cafe

Hi all, today we wanted to go somewhere on the Asian side of Istanbul. Then a friend of #teammemot suggested us to taste Ceviz Ağacı Pasta & Cafe food! At first, it was not so easy to decide to go there because of the location. 

Then we wanted to see new places as usual and we boarded Metrobüs from Zincirlikuyu and got off at the Acıbadem Station. Then we wanted to walk and see the new places. We must say that we liked Acıbadem and it’s one of livable neighborhoods in Istanbul.

We sat down at the side of balcony and looked into the menu and spent a long time coz there were many kinds of food at Ceviz Ağacı. And the place was so crowded, we were lucky to find a suitable place to sit.

We ordered Chicken Mushroom Crepe, Rasperry Cake and lemonades.

Chicken Crepe

There wasn’t a chicken mushroom crepe on the menu. There was only chicken crepe or mushroom crepe and i wanted them to combine these two crepes, and they accepted it.

We waited for a while ( about 10-15 minutes ) and then the waiter brought the meals.

Chicken Crepe was so delicious, we extremely suggest you to taste it!

Lemonade was so good, freezing and lemonade’s cup was very lovely. 

After that, we tasted the rasperry cake. It was looking so good, but honestly we didn’t satisfied with the cake. It was okay but prices were not cheap so our expectations were much more!

Rasperry Cake

As a result, we loved the main dish and lemonade but the dessert wasn’t enough. Prices were a little expensive but not much and crepe deserved it. Chicken crepe was 13 TL (~ €5,84), lemonade was 5 TL (~ €2,25) and rasperry cake was 8 TL (~ €3,60). It’s worth a try.

  • Perfect taste (chicken crepe)
  • Dessert wasn’t so tasty (rasperry cake)
  • A wide variety of foods
  • A little expensive prices

You could use the metrobus (Acıbadem Station -> Then you could go there by a taxi or walking – it’s about 1,2 km [15 minutes by walking])

Muhittin Üstündağ Street Number:85 Koşuyolu - Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: 0216 339 18 26