Edirne Kırkpınar Köftecisi

Hi all! Are you looking for somewhere to eat in Besiktas? We were.. And just found Edirne Kırkpınar Köftecisi.. We could easily understand that their speciality is meatballs.

We ordered Kırkpınar fat meatballs and the garlicky one.

By the way they cook many kinds of food, not only meatballs. Tas kebap, fried liver,chicken wrap, islik kebap, kirkpinar kebap etc. and ashure or cheese halva for the dessert.

Edirne Kırkpınar Köftecisi

Meatballs with Garlic

Fat Meatballs

Waiter was so kind and it took about 10 minutes to cook. We like their meatballs, they were so tasty.. Honestly, i like garlicky one more that fat meatballs.

Edirne Kırkpınar Köftecisi

It’s really difficult to find reliable restaurants in Besiktas and we could say that we’ve found one!

You could taste their desserts too; rice pudding, cheese halva or ashure..


They have many branches in Istanbul and other cities, you could see the whole list by clicking me!

Besiktas Branch: Ihlamurdere road, Yenihamam street, No: 13/A Besiktas

Phone: (212) 258 33 98