Kassap Köfte Döner (Moda)

Hey Guys! If you are looking for a little istanbul trip we could suggest you a great one. You can walk on the beautiful Moda streets, you could go for a walk by the seaside and also you can taste quite tasty meatballs! Then join us and come to Moda by using the tram from Kadıköy which will be a nice start for the trip. It will take around 10-12 minutes to come Moda, you will find Kassap Köfte Restaurant before getting to the Moda seaside. 

You will see the Kassap Köfte Restaurant on the right side of the street. On the left side there was Çöpçü Restaurant before, just opposite the Kassap Köfte. But Çöpçü restaurant is closed and another Çöpşiş Restaurant has opened there and it is also great. (Maybe we will write about that place later)

We ordered Gavurdağı salad, it was really tasty and we couldn’t stand to wait. So we ate most of it before the main course came.

Gavurdağı Salad

I know you are questioning why we ordered “kuzu küşleme” (kind of lamp meat but i couldn’t find the english name of it) in the meatball restaurant but don’t worry we also ordered meatballs.

Lamp meat was soft and delicious just like i wanted.

The place’s atmosphere was also great, a kind of high quality restaurant. We didn’t sit inside of the place (and i don’t take any photos inside) but all i can say is it was also nice and quiet.

Meatballs was very delicious just like they promised. And the plate also includes mashed patatoes and rice. 

Kassap Meatballs

As a result if you are around the Kadıköy, you can go to the Moda district and taste Kassap’s food. Prices was OK, meatballs wasn’t expensive, price was reasonable. After your meal, you could walk for a while and drink turkish coffee from one of the beautiful cafes in Moda. And we suggest you to reach seaside by walking.

  • Delicious foods
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Polite and nice workers


Cafer Ağa district, Moda street, Number: 165 /A-B, Kadıköy.

Phone: (216) 550 55 94